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11/26/2008 - Follow Up to November 2008 Budget Meetings

The following letter, detailing the results of the November 2008 Budget Meetings, was delivered today to all townhome and condominium owner's doors.

Dear Green Cay Village Homeowner,

This is a follow up to last week's annual budget meetings. We want to thank those who attended for taking the time. We also appreciate your comments and the seriousness of the issues raised. Here is a quick overview of the main topics covered in the meetings:

1.    2009 BUDGET — As discussed at the meetings, we are continuing to refine the budget numbers and to look for additional cost savings. Attached is the revised budget based on the discussions at the meetings. We have reduced the FPL costs and added the fire sprinkler inspection fee, as discussed at the meeting. We will meet in April, or even earlier, to review the budget for additional savings.

2.    SECURITY & CONDUCT — Community security & conduct is our top priority. As discussed at the November 20, 21 and 22, 2008 Association meetings, we have put in place a number of action items, including: video surveillance cameras, patrols, expanded, comprehensive tenant screening, a "Zero Tolerance" eviction policy, strict pool conduct rules and enforcement, etc. We are committed to continue to work on these items and will keep you advised on a regular basis. Your additional comments and suggestions are invited.

3.    RESIDENT INVOLVEMENT — We encourage you to continue to be involved in the workings of your Association. We urge the home owners to become more involved in the community. We plan to establish two main committees: 1) Budget Committee - this committee will be involved in shaping the budget, determining levels of service, reviewing bids and the like; and 2) Building and Grounds Committee — this committee will focus on the physical functioning and appearance of our community. We are also forming additional committees to review the Cable TV service and the parking lots. If you wish to participate on a committee or wish to start a committee, please see Emily or Tammy at the clubhouse.

4.    ANSWERS TO YOUR SEVERAL IMPORTANT INSURANCE AND BUDGET/FINANCIAL  QUESTIONS — Your questions regarding budgeting and insurance coverage were very valuable. At the meetings, we handed out answers to those questions and we hope they were useful to you. We will be posting the hand-outs on the website as noted below. If you would like us to send or e-mail you a copy, please call the Association office at 561628-1622.

5.    OTHER  CONCERNS - Several individuals raised other concerns that were rather specific in nature and we will be getting back to these people individually in the next few weeks. We will update everyone as to our progress at the Annual Meetings in January.

Remember, this is your Association and all Association documents are available for your review. In addition, we have arranged with the "" website to create a special webpage to post documents that are of interest to all home owners. This will include the above noted answers to insurance and budget/financial questions, copies of the annual financial statements prepared by the Associations CPA firm, the annual budgets, etc. There is also a new section on the website called "Speak Up". Here you can get answers to your questions from your Association Manager, the leasing office's Regional Manager and the Developer.

Again, we actively seek and welcome your participation in the Green Cay Village Associations and wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

Your Green Cay Village Development Team

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email DTC

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