·57 acre lake at a design depth of 16·0 feet." />
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5/26/2009 - How Things Work - The Lake

The Green Cay Village lake is a 3·57 acre lake at a design depth of 16·0 feet.

In addition to adding to the aesthetics of the property, the lake serves the useful functions of a reservoir for the lawn and tree irrigation system and a retention pond during heavy rains to prevent too rapid a runoff of the property storm drain water into into the L29 Canal - a South Florida Water Management District design requirement for all communities in the western part of the County aimed at preventing coastal flooding.

Aerial View of Green Cay Village

Sources of water entering the lake include rainwater, drainage from the storm drains on the property, percolation from the aquifer when the lake level is low relative to the water table, and finally, infrequent manual additions of Reclaimed Water via the supply at the southeast corner of the lake, typically when the lake level is below 15.6 feet.

Gage (Left) And Supply At Southeast Corner Of Lake
Lake Depth 16.6 Feet

Note 1: Swimming is not allowed in the lake for a variety reasons including the fact that the water sources include storm drain runoff and Reclaimed Water. And for these same reasons, fishing in the lake is nor recommended.

Sources of water leaving the lake include evaporation, irrigation of the lawns and trees on the property, percolation into the aquifer when the lake level is high relative to the water table, and drainage through the property storm drain system that connects to the lake and overflows into the L29 Canal.

Note 2: The screen to the irrigation pump is 2 feet from the bottom of the lake and Hoover Pumping Systems, the irrigation system contractor, recommends 8 feet of water above the screen which is a total of 10 feet. However, Hoover Pumping Systems has stated that the system will still operate even if the lake level gets down to 5 feet.

The level of the lake and the rate that property storm drain water can flow into the L29 canal is controlled by a flow control plate in the storm drain access chamber located behind the townhomes at the end of Green cay Boulevard.

Storm Drain Access Chamber
Behind Townhomes At End Of Green Cay Boulevard

Flow Control Plate In Storm Drain Access Chamber

Schematic Of Flow Control Plate

The level of the lake is limited to a maximum depth of 16.0 feet by an 8" x 8" x 8" triangular opening in the flow control plate. When the lake is deeper than 16.0 feet, water flows out through the triangular opening into the L29 Canal.

In addition to the triangular opening the flow control plate, there is an approximately 18" wide by 3" high overflow slot in the flow control plate that allows the water to flow faster from the lake into the L 29 Canal when the lake level is above 17.3 feet.

And finally, if the lake level rises above 20.3 feet, the water will flow even faster over the top of the flow control plate and on into the L29 Canal.

These outflows assume that the lake level is higher than the L29 Canal. Normally, this is true. But in cases of flooding, the L29 Canal level also rises and it's possible that the L29 canal level could be even higher than the lake level. Were this to happen, the water would flow from the L29 Canal into the lake - not likely but possible.

Water Flowing Into Triangular Opening From Lake
Lake Depth 16.90 Feet

Water Flowing From Triangular Opening Into L29 Canal
Lake Depth 16.90 Feet

Water Flowing Into Overflow Slot From Lake
Lake Depth 17.35 Feet

Water Flowing From Overflow Slot Into L29 Canal
Lake Depth 17.35 Feet

Lake Depth 18.5 Feet

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCR

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