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9/14/2009 - On Following the Rules

Our community rules are designed to give each of us the ability to live here in peace and the Property Manager and the Leasing Office are unflinching in enforcing these rules.

Yet time and again I hear residents complaining about people who are breaking the rules without taking that important next step and reporting the incident to the Property Manager or the Leasing Office.

Folks, you need to speak up! If you see someone speeding in the parking lot, report them. If someone is parking in your parking spot, leave them one note telling them that they are parking in your spot and if that doesn't fix the problem, report them. Ditto for people not picking up after their dogs, littering, having loud parties at night. Whatever. Report them.

No need to confront the person. If it's your neighbor and you feel comfortable discussing the problem with them, go ahead. But in many cases it's just better to send an email to Tammy if you live in the townhomes or the condos, or Bobbi if you live in the apartments. In your email, provide sufficient detail on the incident e.g. when it occurred, who did it or the unit they live in, their license tag, etc. Or call Tammy or Bobbi if you prefer.

At a minimum the person not following the rules will get a first offense phone call or a letter noting the violation. And if their bad conduct continues and they are a homeowner, they will be fined. If they are leasing they may be evicted or at least their lease will not be renewed.

So do your part. Follow the rules. And when you see others who are not following the rules, report them. Peace!

Property Manager

Castle Management
Tammy Tomlinson - Property Manager - Email

Green Cay Village Clubhouse
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Riverstone Residential Group
Bobbi Coreano - Manager - Email
Green Cay Village Clubhouse
12575 Green Cay Farms Blvd.
Boynton Beach Florida, 33437
Phone: 561-499-5544
Fax: 561-499-5560
After Hours Emergencies: 561-499-5544
Hours: M-F 9-6|Sat 10-6

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCR

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