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1/1/2010 - Your Property Values and You

At a recent board meeting, a number of homeowners expressed their belief that when the housing market improves, Green Cay Village homes will be the last to recover.

I have two problems with this statement.

First, I don't think the statement is necessarily true as Green Cay Village is newly built to the latest Palm Beach County standards and was priced at affordable housing prices. Furthermore, the location rocks!

Second, believing the statement to be true might lead to a self-fulfilling prophesy i.e. if enough people believe and act as if it's true, it may turn out to be true.

And it's this aspect of the statement that bothers me - that we are not just observers with regard to the value of our homes.

In fact there are things we can all do to position Green Cay Village property values to recover along with the rest of the housing market.

Here is my list.

  • Pay your HOA fees on time.
  • Follow all of the community rules.
  • Support your Property Manager.
    • Report problems when you see them.
    • Suggest areas for improvement.
  • Stay informed. Signup for News Alerts.
  • Participate in your community associations.
  • Be a good neighbor. Wave. Smile. Say hello.

In short, make this place a great place to live today and people will want to live here in the future.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCMP

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