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1/4/2010 - Condo Parking - Park in Assigned Spots Only

Parking in other people's spots is causing real problems and it has to stop! Residents will be subject to being fined if they or their guests park in someone else's assigned spot.

All Condo residents, both homeowners and those leasing, have one numbered spot for each two bedroom unit and two spots for each three bedroom unit. The remaining spots are marked as visitor's parking spots.

Residents are expected to park in their assigned spot(s) or in a visitor's spot, but never in anyone else's assigned spot. If you are uncertain as to the spot assigned to you, please contact the Property Manager's office.

Questions & Answers

How can I find out what my parking spot number is?

The number(s) should be in your closing documents or your lease agreement, if you are leasing. If you need additional help, contact the Property Manager.

I have two cars, but only one assigned spot. Where can I park my second car?

You can park your additional car in a visitor's spot.

Can I park in an assigned spot that nobody is using?

No, not without the assigned owner's permission. Just because no one seems to be using the spot doesn't mean that they will not one day show up. For example, some residents use their home here as a vacation home. When they come to visit, they have an absolute right to expect that their spot will be there waiting for them.

Where can I park my motorcycle?

You can park your motorcycle in your assigned spot or the visitor's spots. In addition, you may park your motorcycle in front of the concrete bumper of your assigned spot, if the space is big enough for your motorcycle.

What should I do if someone parks in my spot?

If someone parks in your spot, park in a visitor's spot, not another assigned spot as this only compounds the problem. Then put a note on their driver's side window stating "Please do not park in my spot" and report the vehicle description and tag number to the Property Manager's Office and let them sort out the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email C

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