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1/29/2010 - 2009 Accomplishments List

The following list of 2009 accomplishments was handed out last night by the Property Manager at the annual association meetings.

Club house is now open on Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Castle Management has hired a clubhouse attendant, Reynea Davis, who will work every Sunday from 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Reynea will be monitoring the activity at the pool, fitness room, and recreation room.

The Clubhouse is also open on Saturdays from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, courtesy of the Riverstone Management Leasing Office, who has hired someone to monitor activity at the pool, fitness room, and recreation room, and to provide other renter services on Saturday's as required.

Many owners' have requested that the recreation room and children's playroom be open in the evening hours. Starting on March 1, 2009, the recreation room and children's playroom will be open from 5:00 am until 11:00 pm. Both rooms can be accessed by using your clicker to the fitness room. The door from the fitness room to the recreation room will remain unlocked. A video camera will be installed to monitor evening activity.

The name of the apartments has officially been changed to "Palm Park Apartments". New signage and literature is being prepared and will be in place shortly. Most importantly, the new apartment resident manager, Bobbi Jo Coreano, has been very aggressive in implementing the new "Tenant Quality Assurance Program", a "Crime Watch" program and she is very closely monitoring tenant conduct and eliminating tenants who do not comply with new, strict lease requirements. This work is an ongoing effort, however, there has been marked progress to date.

All Condo Parking spaces have been numbered.

Developer has started paying as an owner the HOA fees in July.

Developer fulfilled deficit funding required in full in Jul, prior to actual date.( this is not required to be paid until turnover)

The Developer will be appointing one owner from the Condo's and one owner from the Town Homes to serve on the Owners' Association Board. The owners appointed will be announced at the Owners' Annual Meeting.

Green Cay Village is your community and we are still seeking volunteer residents to work on committees to evaluate and provide resident input on budgets, buildings & grounds. A few residents have already volunteered and we thank them for their help. More volunteers are needed. Please call Emily Penalver at the Management office (561.638.1622) and let us know your particular area of interest and how and when you might be able to work on issues of resident concern.

Owners' have had expressed concerns about fire ant hills throughout the property. The Board of Directors has approved a pest control service to come in and bait the property for fire ants. The fire ant baiting will be for the entire community so as to alleviate the ants from just moving to another part of the community. This will make a substantial difference throughout Green Cay.

Owners' at the budget meeting in November stated that many of their guests could not see the call box location. A new sign was recently installed at the gate call box informing guests to stop and use the call box to gain entrance. We hope that this has alleviated the problem.

The Developer, Association Management and Board have worked very hard on the 2010 proposed budgets and have managed to keep your monthly assessments down for 2010 and have added services! The additional services are: pressure cleaning of buildings, driveways and sidewalks for the Town Home and Condominium associations, fire ant pest control and tree trimming for all trees in the Master, Town Home and Condominium Association.

The speed limit signs throughout the community have been changed to 15 mph signs. Please obey the speed limit signs for the safety of everyone in the community

Many complaints have been received that residents are smoking in the breezeways, leaving cigarette ash stains and cigarette butts in the breezeways as well as on the ground. Please be considerate of your neighbors and your surroundings. It is important to keep your community clean Ashtray urns have placed in certain buildings where the most complaints have been received; however do not smoke in the breezeways as smoking is not permitted in the breezeways, hallways, or stairwells.

Trash cans have been placed in certain Condominium buildings to alleviate littering in the parking lot area.

Additional "Pooper Scooper" stations have been placed thru out the community to motivate residents to clean after their dogs.

Additional cameras were installed in the pool area, one by the pool entrance and BBQ area.

"No loitering" sign has been put up in the club house entrance.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCR

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