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11/23/2010 - Over 400 Car Tires Slashed at Delray Condos

More than 400 car tires were slashed overnight at two Delray Beach condo communities.
Dozens of tow trucks and annoyed residents crowded the parking lot of the Verano at Delray condos, at 1805 Palm Cove Blvd., early Tuesday.
Around the corner, a similar scene unfolded at the Crosswinds condos, at 1850 Homewood Blvd.
Officers counted more than 200 tires slashed in each community.
Police first started getting calls about the vandalism around 5:30 a.m., police spokesman Jeff Messer said.
Most vehicles had two tires punctured, while some had one or three.
The punctures appeared to have be made with a 1-inch-blade knife or a box cutter, police said.
No suspects have been identified.

Source Palm Beach Post Article 11/23/2010

Editorial comment - It's because things like this happen that additional surveillance cameras are being installed in our condo parking lots. While cameras may not prevent incidents like this, they sure make it a lot easier to identify and prosecute the bad guys.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCRN

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