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3/26/2011 - Condo Painting - Update #1

VIP Painting has begun pressure cleaning and painting of the hallway floors and fascia on all seven (7) Condominium Buildings.

The fascia painting seems to be going smoothly. However the painting of the hallway floors got off to a slow start.

The best estimate at this time is that hallway floors will be painted in Building 6768 on Tuesday the 29th and 6760 on Wednesday the 30th and that the remainder of the buildings will be finished at the rate of one per day.

  • There will be a notice posted each night on the buildings that will be painted the next day.
  • Areas that are being painted will be blocked off during the day.
  • Plan on being in your home or out if possible during the day to avoid tracking wet paint into your home. The floors will be ready to walk on by 5 pm.

While the painting of the fascia is underway, do not park your car in the row nearest the buildings between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm so that VIP Painters can have access to the buildings and so that paint does not get on your car.

Instead, park in any other Guest Spot or Assigned Spot away from the buildings. But if you park in someone else’s Assigned Spot, please move your car back to your Assigned Spot by 6 pm.

The estimated time of completion of the total project for is approximately three (3) weeks - weather permitting.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email C

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