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6/28/2011 - Smoking Urns at Condo Entrances

Smoking urns are located at the condo entrances to make it easier for smokers to smoke responsibly.

However, some residents have been moving the smoking urns to the backs of the buildings and to second and third floor locations in the condos.

To discourage this practice, tile bases have been attached to the cigarette urns to make them heavier and more difficult to move.

That said, there are two places the cigarette urns can be located, either at the foot of the stairs or to the left or right of the entrance, as shown in the pictures below.

The default position is at the foot of the stairs. But if homeowners want the urn nearest their entrance moved to the left or right of the entrance, all they need to do is call 561-638-1622 or email Donna at the Property Manager's office and Phillip will properly and neatly relocate the urn.

Note: Smoking is not allowed in the breezeways, hallways, and stairwells of the condominium buildings or within the school bus stop depot. However, smoking is allowed in all other areas including within the individual units, on the patios of the individual units, and outdoors.

As to the effectiveness of the urns, I did a survey to see how effective they are in reducing the number of cigarette butts at the entrances to the apartments and the condos.  I found that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Here are the results.

Cigarette Butts at Entrance

Apartment Entrance
With Urn
With No Urn
1A 0 10
2A 0 20
3A 1 11
4A 4 0
5A 0 10
6A 1 1
7A 1 8
Apartments Total 7 50
Condo Left Entrance Right Entrance
1C 0 0
2C 1 2
3C 0 0
4C 1 0
5C 0 0
6C 1 2
7C 0 2
Condos Total 3 6

Note: The apartments have only 7 urns with one per building whereas the condos have 14 urns or one for each entrance.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email C

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