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7/18/2011 - Additional Condo Trees and Shrubs Plans - Approved

A condo board meeting was held on July 18th at 4:00 pm in the Recreation Room to consider two prposals to add additional trees and shrubs to the condo property.
After hearing comments from those attending the meeting, the board approved both proposal #1 and proposal #2.

Proposal #1 - Replant some trees from the sales trailer property to the condo property to improve certain views.

The sales trailer on the corner of Jog Road and Flavor Pict Road is scheduled to be removed, now that the sales office has moved to one of the unsold townhomes on Old Farm Trail. With this change, the original Developer has offered the trees at the sales trailer to the community for the cost of removing them.

Thank you Randy Rieger, Jerry Goray, and the Stuart Marcus Family, for making these beautiful trees available to us!

Sales Trailer on Jog Road and Flavor Pict Road

While the community has just about all of the trees it needs, there is a need for more trees behind condo #5 to improve the views from the rear units.

Back of Condo #5 (Left) and end of Apartment 7A

In addition there are a few places between the condos, where the street view of the buildings would be improved with the addition of a few more trees.

The map below shows the proposed location for the additional 7 Foxtail Palms (P) and 3 Live Oak Trees (O).

Location of 7 Foxtail Palms (P) and 3 Live Oak Trees (O)

The total cost for proposal #1 would be $2,000 and there is money in the condo account to cover this expense.

Proposal #2 - Plant shrubs around the fire control valves on the condo lawn to protect them from damage.

The fire sprinkler valves between the buildings are vulnerable to damage from the lawn service and kids playing on them and we recently had to pay $568 for an emergency repair. Planting shrubs around the units would protect them from damage and would also enhance the appearance of the property.

Fire Sprinkler Backflow Valve

The total cost for proposal #2 would be $291.00 and there is money in the condo account to cover this expense.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email CP

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