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11/1/2011 - DirectTV News Release Regarding FOX - Update 1

DirectTV has reached an agreement with News Corp/FOX to continue carrying all FOX owned channels.  There will be NO disruption in service.  ALL channels will remain on the air, including FX, all regional sports networks, FOX News channel, and your local FOX station. 

Previously on 10/27/11

The following is a news release by DirectTV regarding the effect of their expiring contract with News Corp.

If a new deal is not reached with News Corp (the company that owns FOX), we will be forced to suspend certain News Corp channels as early as November 1.

Rest assured, we are taking this situation very seriously and making every attempt to find a resolution that won’t increase what our loyal customers pay for their DirectTV service.

Despite what you may have already heard, you should not believe the hype because it is simply not true.


  • DirectTV has an excellent track record of resolving issues like these without affecting customers - Outrageous programmer demands are something every TV provider must address.
  •  News Corp is demanding a 40% increase for the same networks you enjoy today - You would never accept a 40% increase in your monthly bill in any economy, let alone this one. It’s simply outrageous.
  •  DirectTV already provides News Corp nearly a billion dollars a year for their channels - If we don’t take a stand now, your monthly bill will increase substantially.
  •  Local FOX station and Fox News will not be affected and you will continue to see your favorite shows like Glee, American Idol and NFL football.

DirectTV hopes to resolve this matter quickly. If News Corp will simply recalibrate their rate demands to something reasonable, we will quickly come to a resolution.

We appreciate your understanding, patience and support as we continue to negotiate on everyone’s behalf.

Click here for more details.

Mike Wittrock - DirecTV Senior Vice President, Sales

Q and A

What are the specific channels that you may not receive?

The channels involved are FX, National Geographic Channel, Speed Channel, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Movie Channel, Fox Deportes and FuelTV. Some of you may also lose the 13 Fox Sports regional networks that televise some college football and NHL hockey into your home communities. Your local FOX broadcast station and Fox News Channel are not involved.

Our customers will still be able to access nearly 1,000 pro hockey games on NBC, Versus, NHL Network and more than a dozen non-News Corp/Fox-owned regional sports channels. That includes all the games for the Stanley Cup champions Boston Bruins and top contenders including the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks and many others.

DIRECTV will also carry the vast majority of college football action on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, Versus, CBS College Sports, Big Ten Network, The Mtn and Fox Sports, among still other carriers. Those games include all the major conference championships (ACC, Big East, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12) and all of the major college bowl games to end the season.


Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TC

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