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4/6/2012 - Condo Parking Lot Speed Bumps Survey - Update 2

At the condo annual meeting, homeowners suggested that speed bumps be installed in the condo parking lot to slow down speeders.

Toward gathering more information, condo director Bill Tolan offered to conduct an informal survey to determine whether condo homeowners think speed bumps are needed and if so, what type, how many and where.

You can forward your suggestions to Bill at And for those who think speed bumps are needed, Bill would like to know the following.

1. The type of speed bump in terms of it's height and width or in terms of speed bumps already installed on the property like the ones on Old Farm Trail that are very aggressive and really slow cars to a crawl, or more gentle ones like the one at the entrance to the condo parking lot.

2. How many speed bumps and where in terms of the map below that shows the logical location of speed bumps as next to the cross walks so as to not interfere with the drainage, which slopes down from the crosswalks. For example you could respond by saying that you think speed bumps are needed at locations B, C, G, and F.

Bill has requested that survey information should be submitted by Wednesday March 21, 2012.

Update 1 - Survey Comments

OK with Speed Bumps

  • I would suggest speed bumps should be the same consistency as the ones at our gate entrance way. Drivers who make the right turn as they enter past the gates at building seven speed up automatically and this has resulted in two accidents in the last five months. Therefore I would recommend speed bumps at locations H, A, B, G, C, F. The D & E locations do not seem necessary if speed bumps are placed at C & F as those vehicles going over C & F are more than likely going to their parking spaces in buildings four and five.
  • Looking at the places you wish to place the speed bumps, I would think that the speed bumps at B-C-G-F area would slow down people enough to keep cars from going faster the 20-mph. As for the type of speed bump, I would think the type of speed bump on the road where the town houses are would suffice. The speed bump that is at the gate to the condo parking area I feel will in time do damage to someone's car and that person will want the condo to pay for the repairs to the car.
  • Areas shown are to me acceptable! I also recommend the mid level height.
  • Those places look good to me Bill."

  • While in my opinion, some speed bumps are necessary, 9 to me is over kill.  If we go slow and monitor the situation and install maybe 2 at a time to see how this is working out, we can always add more.  In these economic times, we need to weigh the costs of things and review each item thoroughly.

NOT OK with Speed Bumps

  • No speed bumps please no speed bumps they just destroy the car. Pretty please no speed bumps. 6 cars couldn't slow down a Honda, speed bumps are terrible and were removed from my prior neighborhood at great expense.
Update 2 - Outcome

Based on the survey results that indicate a lack of a problem big enough to warrant installing speed bumps in the condo parking lot, Bill and I have agreed to the following.

1. Drop the idea of adding speed bumps at this time.

2. Add additional 15 MPH signs to the backs of the existing 15 MPH signs such that the signs can be seen when going in either direction.

My personal thanks to those that participated in the survey.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email CP

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