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3/28/2012 - Condo Parking - Commercial Vehicles Survey - Update 2

Condo Homeowners - I'd like to know where you stand on the parking of condo resident's commercial work vehicles in the condo parking lot.

Right now our docs prohibit this practice although we do allow commercial vehicles to park in the condo lot if they are covered with a full vehicle cover or the signs are covered with magnetic covers. In addition, the master association is allowing these vehicles to park in the clubhouse parking lot, although this is creating a parking space problem on some nights when there are events in the recreation room.

Commercial Vehicles in Clubhouse Parking Lot

Personally, I'm for changing our rules and regulations to allow the following proposed exception because I think we are a work force community and I'd like to try to accommodate people who have jobs.

PROPOSED EXCEPTION: Commercial vehicles that are regularly used as condo resident work vehicles e.g. taxi cabs, pickup trucks, and vans with lettering and/or ladders may park in the condo parking lot, in the ten (10) spots directly east of the trash compactor using the left most spaces available, as long as they are regularly used by the condo resident for their work and they fit within the normal bounds of a single parking spot.

The 10 Spots Behind the Trash Compactor

Please forward your thoughts to me by email by clicking here.

Update 1 - Survey Comments

OK with Commercial Vehicles Behind Trash Compactor

  • I think its difficult if someone has a work truck to live in our community however I don't think we should sacrifice the aesthetics of the community. I believe that option 2 is the best bet. People can park their vehicles in the parking lot however we will have a designated spot for them with no exceptions.
  • As long as the commercial vehicles are clean and do not leak oil or other fluids and as you say fit in these spots that would be fine with me. Is there any time limited at how long one of these vehicles can stay parked? This is not to be a storage spot for someone company?
  • Would rather this than keeping them out or having them use parking at the clubhouse.
  • Very good idea. Our residents have jobs, praise the Lord, and those vehicles are part of those jobs. We LIKE residents who have jobs! The proposed space for those vehicles is an EXCELLENT choice. There's plenty of room there and they will definitely not be an eye-sore tucked out of the way in that proposed area east of the dumpster/back gate.
  • With regards to the commercial vehicles in the Condo parking lot, I do not see any problem with the 10 spots east of the trash compactor. However I would not like to see this expanded in the future to regular designated owner spots. I have personally experienced a "ding" on my car from a commercial vehicle that parked beside me. I don't believe, in the main, that our spots were originally designed (space wise) to accommodate these larger vehicles. The only problem I see with your proposal is if there are more than 10 owners with commercial vehicles who may wish to infringe on non designated area spots. However, this problem could be dealt with when and if it occurs. Peter, sorry for the long winded response. I do support your proposed exception and trust this reply helps in some way.
  • I'm ok with your exception. Never liked the idea of commercial vehicles, but, we can accommodate residents who regularly use their vehicle.
  • I agree we are a working community and I think your idea of using the spots by the trash compactor for work vehicles is a great idea!
  • I agree with the suggestion of having them park in the ten spots by the garbage area.
  • Proposed Exception is acceptable to me with reservations-concerns of mine are for commercial vehicles over 10 years with potential to have oil leaks etc. etc.

NOT Ok with Commercial Vehicles Behind Trash Compactor

  • I don't like commercial vehicles parked. This is a residential area.
  • I do not agree. Work vehicles should either have magnets over the words or stretchable covers. There is a white truck in front of my building that has magnets and a car in front if building 5 with a stretchable cover. Both vehicles blend in and are not eyesores.
  • As an owner of a condominium, the last thing I want to see is commercial trucks every time I exit my building never mind every time I use the compactor.
  • I would rather not see any commercial vehicles in the ten guest parking spaces.
  • If commercial vehicles are allowed to park anywhere within our community, it is very likely that we will all lose additional [property] value because the community loses some of it's attractiveness as a residential community.

Update 2 - Outcome

Based on the survey results, the idea of allowing commercial vehicles to park in the 10 spots behind the compactor is being dropped.

My personal thanks to those that participated in the survey.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email CP

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