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8/22/2012 - Preparation for Hurricane Isaac

The current forecast has Hurricane Isaac reaching our area Monday morning. Click here for the current hurricane track.

While the forecast may change as the storm works its way across or around Haiti and Cuba, we will not have a lot of time to prepare if it really does come our way.

So, on Thursday, Property Management will be starting down their readiness checklist.

As for the residents, there is not much you need to do Thursday or Friday other than to perhaps stock up on gas, water, and a few days of food to avoid the lines on Saturday and Sunday if Isaac is still headed our way.

But by Saturday, it will be time for the residents to remove loose outdoor items and prepare to install their hurricane shutters if a Hurricane Watch is issued.

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Per the readiness checklist and assuming the current hurricane track, below are the activities that need to be addressed by Property Management.
 96 HOURS - Thursday
 -    Review and complete the Hurricane Checklist.

 -    Review and print a copy of  the emergency phone numbers list.

 -    Inventory and purchase necessary items to secure the Association property.  Items include: plastic bags, duct tape, screws, washers, bolts, flashlights, batteries, cell phone, charger, camera, gloves, goggles, and a rain gear.

 -    Ensure that all gas cans are filled and purchase additional storage containers and gas if necessary.

 -    Inspect and repair, if needed, the door locks on the condominium and apartments telephone equipment and elevator service rooms and the storage rooms under the first floor stairs.

 -    Make arrangements with contractors who will be of assistance in case of an event.  Vendors include:  pool service, lawn service, tree trimmers, glass companies, Waste Management and Water officials, plumber, electrician, etc.

 -    Request all employees to be personally prepared 72 hours prior to an event.

 -    Review procedures with Association Board of Directors.
 72 HOURS - Friday
 -    Inspect common areas and identify items that could become projectiles.  Items include:  signs, grills, lounge chairs, plants, garbage cans, ash trays, newspaper stands, light fixtures, globes and any loose items around the property.

 -    Make storage arrangements for above items.

 -    Do not trim trees or create any debris that can not be safely removed or secured prior to a storm.

 -    Notify townhome, condo, and apartments residents to remove all loose items from outside of their units including hallways and patios.

 -    Encourage BOD to allow the commencement of installation of hurricane shutters
 48 HOURS – Hurricane Watch Issued - Saturday
 -    Confirm that all supplies and necessary materials needed to secure the Association property are available.

 -    Secure Association property. Only a limited number of items that can easily be stored  at the last minute should be left out on the property.

 -    Secure condo and apartments compactor double gates and recycle bin gates with rope.

 -    Meet with staff to ensure that all areas are secure and that they are informed and ready in case of an event.

 -    Install hurricane shutters on the Clubhouse.

 -    Install shutters for townhomes, condos, and apartments for units that have not been taken care of by owners.
 Note: The Association is not responsible for installing shutters but may do so at it’s discretion and bill the resident.

 -    Remove all loose items from outside of the townhome, condo, and apartments units including hallways and patios.
 Note: The Association is not responsible for the safekeeping or return of items removed during a hurricane watch or warning.

 24-36 HOURS - Hurricane Warning Issued - Saturday/Sunday
 -    Shut off irrigation system.

 -    Shut off pool pump but do NOT lower the water level in the pool.

 -    Shut off pumps and fountains in Association.

 -    Secure mail kiosk package doors with duct tape.

 -    Store condominium and apartments hallway fire extinguishers in the storage area under the steps in each building. Leave the storage area doors UNLOCKED.

 -    Back up all non server data on local hard drives and store hard drives in a safe place.

 -    Secure all office files and move items away from windows.

 -    Cover all sensitive equipment including:  computers, monitors, keyboards, tower, copiers, fax machine and all other electrical equipment.  Keep equipment a minimum of 12 inches off of the floor.

 -    Move and store all portable equipment, books, files and binders at least 12 inches off the floor.

 -    Provide up-to-date telephone emergency contact information to the BOD and to CPM and Riverstone emergency on-call staff.

 -    Ensure that property is secure and obtain permission to be released from duty.
In the event of a power loss, do NOT turn off the power to the elevators or to the residents’ units.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCR

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