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8/23/2012 - Hurricane Letters - Apartments

The following two letters are being delivered to all apartments doors today.

Dear Palm Park Resident:

In an effort to assist you in preparing for this hurricane season, we ask that all residents please read the following information thoroughly and be properly prepared in the event of a hurricane.

Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. You are encouraged to contact the local Emergency Preparedness Division or local Red Cross Chapter to verify the needs of your household during the event of a hurricane.

Please be advised that if the area is notified of a hurricane watch the management team will prepare the community in anticipation of a possible landfall. We strongly recommend that you also take proper precautionary action in accordance with recommendations and instructions from the local authorities.

If the authorities issue a hurricane warning for the area, the management team will leave the community. Under a hurricane warning, it is important that you comply with recommendations and instructions, which may include evacuation, issued by the local authorities. The management team will return to the community at such time when conditions permit.

It is important to remember that hurricanes and all associated weather and tidal conditions are natural disasters. Management cannot be responsible for any resulting property damage, interruption of utilities/services, or bodily injury.

We would like to remind everyone that the use of personal portable generators is not permitted due to the inherent dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, the increased risk of fire or electrocution, and the risk of electrocution to utility personnel attempting to restore services.

Given the potential for driving rain during a hurricane, please take the steps necessary to prevent damage within your apartment home, i.e. dry water around windows, blinds, and window sills to reduce the potential for mildew. Also, don’t forget to empty your refrigerator before evacuating or at the point power loss exceeds 24 hours. The refrigerator must be emptied at the point power loss exceeds 24 hours, otherwise the refrigerator could be damaged resulting in financial responsibility to the resident up to and including the replacement of the refrigerator.

In an effort to assist you in preparing for this hurricane season, we ask that all residents please read the following information thoroughly and be properly prepared in the event of a hurricane.

Prior to the hurricane:

- Listen to the County Warning System on the radio. Do exactly as advised. Make plans to relocate outside the affected area. Have current information on the location of the Red Cross shelters and directions to get there. If there are ill or disabled persons in the apartment, contact their doctor for instructions. If the County Warning System requires relocation, do so early to avoid traffic jams and dangerous winds. Be sure to take necessities such as prescriptions, bedding, enough food for 24 hours, flashlights and a battery-powered radio.

- If you evacuate, take your valuables, pets, refrigerated and frozen food with you. Turn off all electrical appliances.

- Clear off balconies, terraces and patios. Place rolled towels around the bottom of all exterior doors and windows. Use sand bags if they are available.

- Close all blinds to avoid shattering glass. Do not tape any windows. Windows may be boarded from the outside only. Repairs needed from any damage caused to the building by the resident from boarding windows will be the financial responsibility of the resident.

- Fill the bathroom tub with water. This water may be used for drinking should the water supply become interrupted or contaminated. It may also be poured into the toilet bowl to induce flushing.

- Stock up on daily necessities. Items such as the following are a must: non-perishable food, bottled water, first aid kits, blankets, can opener, batteries, battery-powered radio, prescriptions, diapers, baby food, extra eye glasses, hearing aids and battery-powered lanterns.

- Fill all vehicles with gas. In the event of loss of electricity, the gas pumps will not operate.

- Have enough cash on-hand. In the event of loss of electricity, ATMs and debit/credit card machines will not operate.

- Carry all important paperwork and personal identification with you.

- Pursuant to your lease agreement, all residents are required to carry renter's insurance. To assist your carrier in the event of a loss, make a complete inventory of personal property. An inventory checklist can be obtained from your insurance representative. Store this and other important documents in waterproof containers or in a waterproof safety deposit box.

During the hurricane:

- Continue to listen to the County Warning System on the radio. Do exactly as advised.

- Stay indoors! If the calm eye of the hurricane passes through the area, continue to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to leave.

- If the electricity goes off, turn off or unplug all hazardous appliances. (i.e. stove, iron, curling irons, blow-dryers) Use flashlights instead of candles or kerosene lamps. Please be aware that emergency building lights and fire safety devices will become inactive. Take necessary precautions.

- Use the telephone for emergencies only. Jammed phone lines may obstruct emergency calls for police, fire departments, doctors and the Red Cross disaster units.

- Conserve refrigeration. Open the refrigerator/freezer door as little possible.

- Remain indoors until the official "all clear" is given from the County Warning System on the radio.

After the hurricane:

- If you vacated your apartment prior to the storm, before returning, please check with your local authorities to determine the condition of the roads and the surrounding area.

- Beware of outdoor hazards. Watch out for loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to the proper authority. All emergency numbers are in the white pages of the telephone book.

- Walk or drive cautiously. Debris-filled streets are very dangerous. Snakes and poisonous insects may be a hazard. Washouts may weaken road and bridge structures, which could collapse under vehicle weight.

- Use caution when cooking when flames are present. A gust of wind through a door or window could start an accidental fire and the fire department may not be readily available while hurricane winds are blowing. Grills must be used in accordance with community policies.

- Open the refrigerator only when necessary. Food will spoil in the refrigerator if the power is off more than a few hours.

- Do not use water until authorities have issued the area to be a “safe water area.” Use the emergency supply in the tub or boil water. Report broken sewer or water mains to the proper authority. Please limit usage of water and toilet facilities. Property may need to implement water restrictions.

- Take extra precautions to prevent fire. Lowered water pressure in city mains and the interruption of other services may make fire fighting extremely difficult after a hurricane.

- Notify your insurance carrier in the event of losses and where you may be reached.

- Please wipe all moisture from windows and doors.

Be patient. It takes a team effort to clean up after a storm. Responsibility for the cleanup falls to numerous local, state and federal agencies. The property management staff will assist with the community’s cleanup.

As you can imagine, many of the vendors and contractors we depend on to provide parts, labor, or technical assistance may be stretched to the limit. Because of this our response to service requests in you apartment home may be delayed. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and patience during the aftermath of these storms.

Should damage to the property occur, management would conduct an apartment-by-apartment inspection to assess the damages. A schedule will then be prepared to complete the necessary repairs. All life-safety issues will be responded to accordingly.

Please take the time be as prepared as possible.


Palm Park Apartments/Green Cay Village

RE: Hurricane Shutters

To all 1st floor residents:

Hurricane Issacc is headed our way and we want to be prepared in case it hits us. Maintenance will be placing the shutters in your unit on Friday, August 24, 2012 between 9am to 8pm. If you have a pet be sure it is locked up so we can enter.

Be sure that you pick up your shutters. It will be your responsibility to put up the shutters on your unit. If you choose not to put up the shutters and damages occur you will be responsible for the damages.

Remove all items from hallways and patios.

Shutters will remain in your possession until the end of hurricane season. Which at the end of hurricane season we will schedule a time for you to return the shutters and wing nuts to us. Do NOT store the shutters on the patio.

After the storm passes you MUST remove the shutters from the windows and patio door.

Thank you,

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email R

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