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3/22/2013 - No Basketball Playing on the Condo Property Please

The following letter was hand delivered to the condos today.

To: All Condominium Residents

We have had several complaints about kids bouncing basketballs in the breezeways and in the parking lots of the condominium buildings as well as banging the ball against the walls.

Per our Rules and Regulations “Congregating, hanging out, and playing is prohibited in the entrances, breezeways, hallways, and stairwells of the condominium buildings and in the condominium parking lots.”

If you have children who are playing in the condo buildings and parking lots, please advise them they cannot play in these areas and that there is a park located behind the condominium buildings for them to play.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention in this matter and for making Green Cay Village a great place to live for all residents.

Green Cay Management Office

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email C

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