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3/28/2013 - Is Green Cay Village a Safe Place to Live?

Given the four vehicle break-ins a few days ago, some people are asking, am I safe living here? Based on what I know, I think the answer is an emphatic YES.

To say that anyplace is safe today may be a stretch. But our goal is to be as safe as we are green. And here are some things we have in place and the results we are achieving.

1. Security Features – Green Cay Village is located west of I95 and Jog Road in an upscale residential and rural setting, on PBSO Sheriff designated private property, with a fire/rescue station directly across the street from the main entrance.

  • Site security features include individually gated condominium and apartment parking lots, high intensity street and parking lot lighting, and video surveillance cameras located throughout the community.
  • Unit security features include poured concrete and cinder block construction with wrapped steel entrance door frames and steel doors with deadbolts and 180 degree door viewers. For additional measures to improve the security of your unit, see the following articles for townhomes and condos/apartments and the Home Improvement Section of this web site.

2. Criminal Background Checks - Per our docs, all prospective tenants 18 years old or older are required to pass a criminal background check and are rejected for any of the following criminal related reasons that have occurred within the ten (10) years prior to application date, regardless of whether or not jail time was served or adjudication was withheld.

(a) felony conviction;
(b) misdemeanor conviction involving crimes against persons or property;
(c) any drug related conviction;
(d) any prostitution related conviction;
(e) any sex related conviction;
(f) any terrorist related conviction;
(g) any cruelty to animals related conviction;
(h) any of the above related charges resulting in "adjudication withheld"; and
(i) active status on probation or parole resulting from any of the above.

3. Zero Tolerance Policy - Per or docs, every lease shall specifically provide (or, if it does not, shall be automatically deemed to provide) that a material condition of the lease shall be the tenant's acceptance of the following Zero Tolerance Policy.

Any arrestable offense will not be tolerated, and is considered a material non-compliance of your lease agreement. Fighting of any kind is an arrestable offense. Gang related activity is an arrestable offense. Illegal drug use or the possession of illegal drugs is an arrestable offense. Violation of any of the following provisions is a material and irreparable violation of the lease and good cause for immediate termination of tenancy: gang-related - activity engaged in, on, or near the premises by any resident, household member or guest, and any such activity engaged in at Green Cay Village by any other person under the resident's control; drug related criminal activity engaged in, on, or near the premises by any resident, household member or guest, and any such activity engaged in at Green Cay Village by any other person under the resident's control; determination made by the Board of Directors that a household member is illegally using a drug; determination made by the Board of Directors that a pattern of illegal use of a drug or abuse of alcohol interferes or threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents.

4. Enforcement and Results - I can tell you from personal experience as the condo president, that prospective tenants are being screened and rejected for failure to pass the criminal background checks.

And for those tenants that go astray while living here? In 2012 seven residents were arrested,  1 was for consensual statutory rape, 1 was for aggravated domestic assault, 2 were for larceny/fraud, 1 was for shoplifting, 1 was for an out-of-county arrest warrant, and 1 was for a DUI. And all but the person arrested for a DUI are gone.

Or how about this statistic? Of the 42 residents who were arrested from the beginning of Green Cay Village in 2007 through 2012, all but 4 are gone. Better yet, in none of these arrests was the victim at risk of physical harm i.e. where the criminal and the victim were face to face, except in cases of domestic abuse.

That said, you need to do your part as well, beginning by taking reasonable precautions, like locking your doors and car doors and not leaving valuables in your car. And if you see suspicious activity, call 911.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCRN

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