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5/1/2013 - Hurricane Preparedness Letter - Townhomes

The following letter regarding hurricane preparedness is being mailed to all townhome residents.

Dear Town Home Owners/Renters:

As the 2013 Hurricane Season is approaching, the experts advise us not to be complacent.

Upon review of our community, based on the full concrete building structures of our buildings, we should weather the storms with minor damages. The area of concern would be our landscaping. We could see full community damages estimated at $50,000.

The persons to depend on in the event of a storm are you, your family and neighbors.

• Special Needs Residents should advise the Management Company.

Hurricane Preparation:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all Town Home Owners/Renters of your responsibility regarding hurricane shutters. Each owner/resident who plans to be absent during the hurricane season must prepare his/her unit before departure by:

• Removing all furniture, plants and other objects from patio.

• Designating a responsible firm or individual to care for the Town Home in the event of  hurricane threat and /or should the Town Home suffer hurricane damage. Furnish the Board with the name of the firm or individual.

• Should the firm or individual not be designated or available, the association is authorized to take whatever steps are necessary in its discretion to protect the Town Home and Town Home Property at the cost of the owner.

See the Management Company for a copy of a DVD with instructions on how to install the hurricane shutters on your Town Home, should you not know how to install them. Please take time now to review it so you will be prepared in the event of a hurricane. The shutters for your Town Home are located in the garage and clearly marked with the window opening numbers. On Town House, the 2nd floor window, master bedroom is Impact Glass and requires no shutters, all other require shutters.

Renters who are leaving have the same responsibility as homeowners for insuring that their Unit is properly secured before a hurricane, including the installation of their hurricane shutters. If you have any questions, please contact the Association office at 561-638-1622 or stop by the office located in the Clubhouse.

Thank you and let’s all hope for a quiet hurricane season!


Peter Schulz - Editor - Email T

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