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5/14/2014 - Michelangelo - Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility is currently in the planning phase for the commercial property on the North West corner of Jog Road and Flavor Pict Road .

Notice Posted on Property 5/14/2014

The plan calls for a three story assisted living facility to be built on the commercially zoned property just East of Green Cay Village.

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Michelangelo Site Data

Use Capacity

Square Feet

Total Building Area   266,870
   Congregate Living Facility Type III 244 Residents 244,723
   Restaurant Type II 120 Seats (30 Public) 3,986
   Medical Office   16,408
   Child Daycare (General) 40 Children 1,753

What's nice about the facility is that it will be open to the public and therefore the restaurant, child day care center and medical offices will be nice additions to the neighborhood.

Also, while the site will be separated from Green Cay Village by a 6 foot concrete wall, there will be two gated pedestrian entrances to permit people who live in Green Cay Village to easily walk to the facility. And of course the property will be bermed, hedged, and tree lined in keeping with the zoning codes in our area.

All of which is not surprising since the owner/developer is Willow Development USA - a sister organization to Willow Trading LLC who currently owns 25 townhomes and 30 condos in Green Cay Village. And the property is being sold by the Winsberg family - the family that sold the land to the County for Green Cay Wetlands at a steep discount and also sold the land that Green Cay Village is built on at an attractive price with the stipulation that the land be used for affordable housing - in short a family willing to forego riches so that we and future generations have wetlands, affordable housing, and meaningful services available in Palm Beach County.

As for where the proposal stands, the COBWRA Growth Management Committee and its Executive Board met on April 1, 2014 regarding a request to review the proposal. The Committee and the Board each subsequently recommend their approval for the proposal. It is currently scheduled to be heard by the Palm Beach County Zoning Commission on June 5 and by the Board of County Commissioners on June 26.

Editorial Comment

I view this use of the commercial property next to us for an assisted living  facility as a plus for Green Cay Village because it will result in a use that will not create security problems for Green Cay Village, as other more commercial uses might e.g. store fronts. And the facility will not only provide services that may be useful to the residents but also may be a source of jobs for Green Cay Village residents.

Peter Schulz - Editor


Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCRMP

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