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8/9/2014 - Condo Door Maintenance is Your Responsibility

The condo maintenance team spends 20 hours a week cleaning the interior hallways of the condos including the door to your unit.

But sometimes the dirt on a door goes beyond what can be cleaned by normal maintenance and special cleaning and/or repainting of the door is required.

In this case you will receive a letter advising you that residents and/or guests of your unit have caused the outside of your door to become dirtier than our normal hallway maintenance can clean and that special cleaning and/or repainting of your door is required.

You may try to clean the door yourself with a liquid detergent e.g. Simple Green and water with a soft cloth. Do NOT use any abrasive cleaners or pads as these will remove the paint.

If your door is not cleaned to our satisfaction within seven calendar days from the date of the letter, we will at our discretion, without further notice, either attempt to clean your door with special cleaning materials for a cost of $25.00 or repaint a portion or all of the door for a cost not to exceed $150.00 and in either case put the cost on the ledger for your unit until it is paid.

That said, the best way to avoid being billed is to take care when entering and leaving your unit to not do things that mark up your door.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email C

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