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10/3/2014 - Construction Planned for Flavor Pict Road - Updated

It appears that a construction project is about to start on Flavor Pict Road, but I have no idea what is planned. That said, here are some clues.

There are marked stakes next to each of the wooden power poles on Flavor Pict Road.

There are also marked stakes on Jog Road as well. They go about two miles north and one mile south - as far as the wooden poles go in each direction.

So only the wooden poles are in the game and some have lights on them and some don't, thus it probably has nothing to do with lighting.

Update 9/17/2014 - Here is another clue folks - they are boring pole-sized holes at each location.

Update 9/26/2014 - Well poles it is. Concrete poles to replace the wooden poles. Don't know why other than concrete poles are probably stronger/better than wooden poles. But that was also true seven years ago when the wooden poles were originally installed. No idea if the new poles will have street lights on them either, but I doubt it. So many questions. So few answers.

Update 10/3/2014 - Just got a letter from FPL and if you are a Green Cay Village resident, so did you. It explains in detail what is going on with the poles. The gist is that the concrete poles are stronger, able to withstand wind gusts up to 145 mph, and are part of a broader program to improve the reliability of electrical service in our area. Click here for details on all of the changes FPL is making.

Bonus chart - Flavor Pict Road Traffic 2007 - 20014.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCR

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