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3/5/2015 - I Wanna See the Compactor

Whether buying or renting, when your Realtor suggests checking out the clubhouse and the pool, tell them thanks, but you would rather see the compactor.

Why? Because how clean the compactor is tells you a lot about how well the property is really being maintained.

Most places do a pretty good job of maintaining their crown jewels - the clubhouse and the pool. But some skip over the compactor.

Yet the fact is, unless you are new to Florida, you or a family member will make many more trips to the compactor than to the pool.

What to look for? Simple. Is it clean and is it safe to go there?

The Condo Compactor and Recycle Area

And don't just do a drive by. Get out of the car. Go up to where the trash is put in the compactor and look into the compactor bay. Is the bay clean? Or are there spilled bags of trash there?

Inside the Condo Compactor Bay

And if you get the chance, do a drive by at night. Is the area well lit? Would you personally feel safe in going there at night or sending one of your kids to take out the trash?

The Condo Compactor and Recycle Area at Night

And if none of this matters to you, consider buying or renting someplace else because you can probably save yourself some money and we prefer to have people living here who think clean and safe is important.

Credits: My personal thanks to the maintenance team, Chris and Stuart, and the many people who live here for making this story possible.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email CP

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