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4/3/2015 - Unit Flood Control Procedures

In the event of a burst water heater or a broken pipe, it's important that the water be turned off immediately to prevent flooding.

And it's important that both owners and tenants know how to deal with this problem quickly.

For the townhomes, the shut-off valve for your main water is located outside of your unit to the left or right of your garage door. The shut-off valve for your water heater only is located in your garage, over the water heater.

Above left - Main water shut-off outside. Above right - Water heater shut-off only.

For the condos and apartments,
the quickest and easiest way to turn the water off is in the unit, by using the water shut off valve located under the AC unit.

Above - The closest blue lever turns off the water to only your water heater. The harder to reach blue lever, circled in red, turns off all of the water in your unit including the water heater.

However, if no one is in the unit, the next best option is to turn off the water to the entire building.

Above - Signs have been installed at one end or the other of each condo building indicating the location of that building's water shut off valve

Above - Turn the red lever clockwise 90 degrees to turn the water off for the entire building.

Note 1: While there are no signs at the apartments that indicate the location of the building water shut off valve, the locations, appearance, and procedures for turning off the apartments building water are the same as for the condos.

Note 2: After the building water has been shut off, it may take a few minutes until the water stops flowing in the unit as the water drains from the pipes. This is particularly true for first and second floor units since there is more water in the pipes above these units.

Note 3: If the flooding is due to a broken sprinkler head, neither of the above approaches will stop the flow of water since the fire control water is on a separate supply that only the fire department can turn off. But if this is the case, you will know because the fire alarms will be sounding in your building, whether there is a fire or not, and the fire department will be notified automatically. Still, if the alarms are going off, call 911 just to be sure the alarm has been received.


  • CONDOS -  After any water is turned off, immediately call the Property Manager's Office ( 561-638-1622) during normal business hours or the Emergency Number (954-427-8770) after hours, to report the problem.
  • APARTMENTS - After any water is turned off, immediately call the Palm Park Leasing Office ( 561-499-5544) during normal business hours or the Emergency Number (561-255-1168) after hours, to report the problem.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCR

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