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12/11/2015 - 2016 Coupon Books Mailed

Coupon books for use in paying 2016 monthly assessments have been mailed to all townhome and condo owners.

For the townhomes the 2016 monthly amount is the same as 2015. So however you are now paying, just keep paying in 2016 as you have been in 2015.

For the condos, the 2016 monthly amount has increased by 2.7% . So for 2016, you will need to change the amount you are paying as shown in the chart below.

Condo Monthly Assessments

  Type B
Type B2
  Type C
2015 Amount $275 $270 $335
2016 Amount $282 $278 $344

That said, there are 4 (four) ways you can pay your HOA fees.

1. Check - Send your monthly maintenance check directly to the address below. Include your coupon for the month for which you are paying and make your check payable to: GREEN CAY VILLAGE TOWN HOME or GREEN CAY VILLAGE CONDO

Green Cay Village
C/O Campbell Property Management
PO Box 668557
Miami, FL 33166-9418

If you can't find your coupon book, just mail your check to the above address. Be sure to put your account number on your check. Don't remember your account number? Call the property Manager at 561-638-1622 and they will be happy to give it to you.

2. Direct Deposit - Have the money transferred from your account to the account at the following address.

Green Cay Village
C/O Campbell Property Management
PO Box 668557
Miami, FL 33166-9418

Use your payee account number as shown in the coupon booklet on the page entitled "For On Line Bill Pay Owners". Input this number exactly as shown in the booklet in the payee account number field.

Note: This ID number applies only to on line bill pay homeowners, NOT to homeowners paying by personal check or direct debt.

3. Automatic Withdrawal - If you choose, you can pay your monthly maintenance by automatic debit from your bank account.

To sign up for this convenient service, complete the authorization form "Auto Debt Enrollment" located in front of the coupon booklet and forward this along with a voided check to Campbell Property Management, 3918 Via Poinciana #9, Lake Worth, FL 33454

Or click here for a form to be mailed along with your voided check to Campbell Property Management at the address on the form.

4. Credit Card - You can also pay your association dues on the web. Click here to pay online with a major credit card. A $9.95 transaction fee will be charged for this service.

Note: There is a $3,000.00 maximum per $9.95 transaction fee that can be be put on your credit card.

Late Fees and Delinquent Accounts

  • Payment of HOA fees must be received before the 10th to avoid late fees.
  • Accounts that are not current are charged a $25 late fee each month that the account is in arrears.
  • Accounts that are overdue by more than one month are turned over to the Association's Attorney for collection.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email TCM

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