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6/8/2016 - Townhomes - Putting Out the Trash

Putting the trash out properly helps to maintain the litter free, park-like appearance of the community.

But given the rules set by the waste management company that services the community and with no help from the squirrels and birds that pick open any bags they can get to, keeping trash days neat can be a real challenge - particularly on windy days.

So here is the skinny on how to properly take out the trash.

Like This

Household trash is to be bagged in plastic trash bags and put into trash cans with lids on and not put out prior to 6 pm of the day before the trash is collected and not left out where they are visible from the road after 9 pm the day the trash is collected.

Not Like This

Note: Even though you put your trash in a trash can, it still needs to be bagged to prevent it from being spilled when it is dumped into the trash truck. And conversely, even though you bag your trash, it still needs to be put in a trash can with a lid on it to keep the squirrels and birds from breaking into the bags and scattering the trash before it is picked up.

As for what days days the trash is to be put out, it depends what items are to be put out per the following.

  • Trash Cans - Wednesday & Saturday
  • Recycle Bins - Wednesday Only
  • Bulk Trash - Wednesday Only
  • Vegetation - Saturday only


Trash Cans - Garbage must be placed in plastic trash bags and put inside standard 32-50 gallon trash cans. You may put out as many trash cans as you need.

Recycle Bins - Bottles and cans go in the blue bins while cardboard and paper go in the yellow bins. If you need more bins, or if your bins are broken and need replacement, contact the Property Manager at 561-638-1622. Also, FYI recycling is voluntary so if you don't want to recycle, just put the items in with your household trash.

Bulk Trash - Includes furniture and appliances, toilets, bathtubs, water softeners, and similar household goods that will not fit into a standard trash can. However, mirrors, glass doors, glass table tops, pane glass windows, etc. must be broken up and containerized in solid containers (no plastic bags). Container and contents must weigh less than 50 pounds. And don't mix bulk items with vegetation

Vegetation - Includes debris from routine residential yard maintenance only. It does not include debris generated from land clearing or tree removal. All vegetation must be kept separate from other debris and be dirt and sand free. Furthermore, all yard waste, with the exception of tree branches and palm fronds, must be containerized in standard 32-50 gallon trash cans or sealed plastic bags that don't weigh more than 50 pounds. Branches must be 6 feet or less in length and 50 pounds or less in weight.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email T

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