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6/21/2016 - Access Gates - Tailgating and Gate Jacking

Gaining access to the condo and apartments parking lots by tailgating or gate jacking is a violation of the communities' rules.

And is also illegal if the person entering is not a resident or an invited guest of a resident, since both the condo and apartments parking lots are PBSO Sheriff designated private property.

Tailgating to gain entry is the dangerous practice of closely following a vehicle that is entering legally, within a foot or two of space between the vehicles, in order to prevent the gate from closing when the first vehicle enters.

Tailgater in action
Click on image for original camera view

License tag of tailgater
Click on image for original camera view

Gate jacking to gain entry is the confrontational practice of waiting at the gate until someone with a clicker comes to get in and makes that person click them in first so that the person with the clicker can get in.

An even worse version of gate jacking is the extremely rude practice of waiting at the gate until someone at the call box has the gate opened, at which time the gate jacker enters and the gate closes. This practice is particularly nasty because the person at the call box ends up having to use the call box again, often after having to circle around to the call box after driving up to the now closed gate.

Gate Jacker waiting to take someone's call box gate opening
Click on image for original camera view

License tag of gate jacker
Click on image for original camera view

Pissed off? Want justice? If someone tailgates you or car jacks your call box gate opening, please feel free to report the incident using the Speak Up page on this web site.

Important: When reporting incidents, please include sufficient details so that the incident can be successfully investigated i.e. a description of what happened, the exact date and time of the incident , and a description of the car that tailgated you or car jacked you.

Example 1 - On  6/14/2016 at 3:50 pm a red car tailgated me into the condo parking lot.

Example 2 - On 6/13/2016 at 7:45 pm a black 4 door car took my spot when I was using the call box to enter the condos.

Note: In all cases, you must report the exact time - to the minute and the gate where the incident occurred i.e. condo or apartments gate.

Hopefully, together we can make coming home for you and your guests a more hassle free experience.

Peter Schulz - Editor - Email CR

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