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RF Wireless Headphones

We decided to giveheadphones a try to block out the sound of the ac unit and to let us really enjoy the sound of our new 60" Sony TV without driving our neighbors crazy. Long story short, we REALLY like the sound and the whole experience of using headphones.

We got two sets of Sennheiser RS 140 headphones, one set for me and one set for my wife Maggie. At $199.00 a set, they aren't cheap. But the sound is great, they are comfortable, and they are RF wireless, which means that unlike IR units, we can go from one room to the other and still hear.

Each unit comes with it's own base unit which contains the RF transmitter which acts like a small radio station. Details here.

In fact, only one base station is needed for multiple headphones but the headphones aren't sold separately. So, I hooked one base unit to the TV and one to our stereo system. With this arrangement, Maggie and I can both listen to the TV or the stereo together. Or we can separately listen to the TV and the stereo at the same time. Cool!

Update 03/16/2008 - Right now it appears that is the best place to buy these headphones.

by Peter Schulz

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