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Security - Condominiums and Apartments

The buildings are solidly constructed and feature wrapped steel entrance doors and door frames with deadbolts and 180 degree door viewers and impact resistant glass on the second and third floor units.

Thus, the security on the second and third floor units is very good. But there is room for improvement, particularly on the first floor units. Specifically;

1. Install a "Charlie Bar" or pin assembly on the inside of the sliding glass door to prevent it from being pried open from the outside.

2. Install a second latch or install wooden rods or a similar device in the lower tracks of the first floor sliding windows and the second floor sliding windows over balconies to prevent these windows from being pried open from the outside.

3. Consider replacing the front door deadbolt with a bump proof deadbolt as the existing deadbolts can be easily defeated by a technique known as bumping.

4. Consider adding a door chain or a swing bar door guard to permit partially opening the door to question people without giving them access. Professional installation is recommended to insure that the device cannot be easily defeated e.g. kicked in.

5. Consider adding an alarm system to the first floor units to protect against entry through broken windows.

Note: An alarm system option is available for apartment residents. For details contact the Leasing Office.

As to implementation, condominium owners may make these changes to their units as long as the changes do not alter the appearance of their unit as seen from the outside. Condominium lessees require written approval to change their locks or make any other changes that physically modify their unit.


Apartment residents may not make any changes to their units that physically modify their unit e.g. drill holes, change locks etc. Thus, for all practical purposes, the above upgrades can only be implemented by the Landlord or with the Landlord's prior permission. For additional information on making these changes, apartment residents should contact the Leasing Office.

by Peter Schulz

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