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Do I Need a Water Filter?

Palm Beach County Water Utilities’ drinking water meets or exceeds all federal and local standards set for quality and safety. Over 80,000 water sample tests are performed annually. With that in mind, you really don’t need a water filter. However, if you are sensitive to elements in your tap water like the smell or taste of chlorine used in the treatment process, you may want to use a filter for your drinking water.

If you decide to use a filter, it is important that you change it according to the service cycle. Once a filter has been used beyond its recommended lifecycle, it becomes a potential breeding ground for bacteria that could ultimately affect your water quality. Pitcher filters that are kept in the refrigerator are excellent because the cold retards any bacterial growth in the filter. Also, chlorine will naturally escape from the water surface, leaving you with cold fresh water.

“Under the sink” water filters are another popular option, but they have a disadvantage. Usually the sink is next to the dishwasher. That heats up the space under the sink where the filter is. Now you are filtering your water through a warm, wet filter that’s kept in the dark. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Also, those filters need to be changed more frequently.

Deciding whether to purchase a water filter for your home is a personal choice. You may rest assured that the County is working 24/7 to provide you the safest and highest quality drinking water whenever you need it.

The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department is a department of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, serving approximately 505,000 residents with drinking water, reclaimed water and wastewater services. For more information on the quality of your drinking water, please visit us online at

Source: Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department

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