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Irrigation System
by Peter Schulz

Green Cay Village is watered with reclaimed water that is pumped from the lake to 135 zones spread across three timers with a 250 gallon per minute electric pump that is located behind the Clubhouse.

The 135 zones include rotary heads for lawn irrigation and mist heads for tree and bush irrigation. Typically, each zone is watered two times per week and the timers are set to water 20 minutes for the rotary heads and 15 minutes for the mist heads.

When there is adequate rainfall, the water in the 3.57 acre lake is replenished by the rain and by water from the storm drains on the property which drain into the lake.  If there is not enough rainfall to replenish the water in the lake, reclaimed water is added to the lake via the Palm Beach County Water Utilities reclaimed water hookup at the southeast corner of the lake.

Note: Based on an average monthly water usage of 3.5 million gallons, the average daily usage is 120,000 gallons. Given that the lake is 3.57 acres and that there are 27,154 gallons per acre inch of water, the lake will go down one inch for every for every 96,940 gallons used (3.57 acres x 27,154 gallons per acre inc). So in our case, the lake should go down on average about 1.24 inches a day assuming no replenishment. In fact the gage in the lake moves down much much more slowly leaving me to wonder if the measured monthly usage is in fact correct.

About Reclaimed Water - The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department reclaims approximately one-third of all the wastewater it cleans. The highly-treated wastewater effluent is treated, filtered and disinfected at the County's Southern Region Water Reclamation Facility on Hagen Ranch Road in suburban Boynton Beach. Reclaimed water must meet stringent state and federal standards, and it is safely used for irrigation throughout the country. The treatment process eliminates harmful substances, but leaves traces of nitrogen and phosphorous that act as fertilizers when reclaimed water is applied to lawns and landscapes. Click here for more information on Palm Beach County's reclaimed water program.

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