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Smoke Detector Information
by Peter Schulz

The smoke detectors in the individual units do not activate the sprinklers nor do they set off the building alarm or notify the fire department of a fire. Instead only the effected detectors "beep" within the unit to indicate the presence of smoke

Smoke Detector

TESTING: The smoke detectors are powered by 120 volt AC power and backed up by a  standard 9 volt battery.

Test by pushing the test button on the smoke detector cover until the alarm sounds, then release. The alarm sounds if all electronic circuitry, horn and battery are working. The alarm may continue to sound for up to 10 seconds after the button is released. If no alarm sounds, the unit may have a defective battery or other failure. Test the smoke alarm weekly to assure proper operation.

FALSE ALARMS "SILENCE" CONTROL: The "silence" feature provides the capability of temporarily reducing the sensitivity of the alarm circuit for approximately 3-5 minutes. This feature is to be used only when a known alarm condition such as smoke from cooking activates the smoke alarm. The smoke alarm is deactivated by pushing the test button on the smoke alarm cover for at least three seconds. The smoke alarm will automatically reduce sensitivity and "beep" every 30-40 seconds for approximately 3-5 minutes to indicate the alarm is in the temporary silent condition. The smoke alarm will gradually reactivate and sound the alarm if particles of combustion are still present. The "silence" feature may be used repeatedly until the air has cleared.

BACKUP BATTERY REPLACEMENT: Disconnect AC power before changing battery. Shock hazard exists if AC power is miswired.

The smoke alarm uses a 9 Volt battery. The battery should last for at least one year under normal operating conditions. The smoke alarm has a low battery indicator, an audible "beep." It will operate at 30-40 second intervals for a minimum of 7 days. When this indication occurs, replace the battery with an Alkaline type Eveready Energizer #522, Duracell #MN1604), Carbon-Zinc type (Gold Peak #1604P, Eveready #216).

Push and lift the battery door latch and remove the battery from the battery door. While observing polarity, push the replacement battery into the battery door until it is held securely in place. Carefully close and latch the battery door.

For additional information, click here for a PDF copy of the user's manual.

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